Valorant Act 2 – Battlepass, Weapon skins, and Glitchpop skins

On August 4 the Episode 1: Act 2 will be released and finally, Riot Games have revealed many details for it. Here’s everything you need to know about this episode, like brand new Glitchpop skin collection and the cost of Battle passion Valorant.

Episode 1: Act 1 achieve huge success, though it failed to brim with an excess of cosmetic goodies then Riot issued a system for the players that give them the rewards for their grind through the matches. Now, the developer team takes their game onto a high floor with Act 2 Battlepass, which is going to live on August 4.

Valorant Episode 1: Act 2 – Glitchpop Skins REVEALED

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Valorant Episode 1: Act 2 – Battlepass

The Premium version costs 1,000 Valorant points, players have to grind through the matches top achieve more goodies. From player cards to weapon skins Act 2 Battlepass has many things to surprise you.

In this Battlepass a shed load of Radianite Points will be there. Many points up are there in Act 2 Battlepass to grab into the game.


Valorant Act 2: Weapon skins and melee in Battlepass

With cosmetic rewards also there will be running themes like Episode 1: Act 1 Battle pass. Three weapon skin collection will be there in Act 2: Hivemind, POLYfox, and Red Alert.

In the press release, Sean Marino discussed the inspiration behind the weapon skins of Act 2, they wanted to introduce more variety of gun skins so that the players can have ample amount of options to choose.

weapon skins

Glitchpop skin collection in Valorant

Glitchpop skin collection will be added into the game as a different entity to the Act 2 Battle pass. This skin is made inspired by a dystopian future, this skin collection will offer many upgrades and colorful scheme offers for the players at the base.

This skin collection requires 8,700 VP and offers four weapon skins which are Frenzy, Bulldog, Judge and Odin, and also the melee skin. Each skin cost 2,175 VP and will be sold separately. Though the knife requires 4,350 VP.

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Seven tiers of customization are there in each weapon skin, also three VFX upgrades, three cosmetic variants, and one finisher upgrade. With the optional VFX, players can upgrade the melee where after equipping the Knife the blade color will change every time.

Also, with the Glitchpop skin collection and the new Battlepass, Riot also has announced the FFA Deathmatch mode will be going to the line on August 5.