Upcoming Viper Snakebite and Toxic Screen Buffs

Viper Snakebite and Toxic Screen Buff:

Lead Character Designer of Valorant Ryan ‘Morello’ Scott gave a brief description of upcoming buffs in the recent stream which will be a big update for all the Viper lovers.

Viper can control the battlefield with all his chemical powers. She is the controller Agent of Valorant. She has many chemical devices to put down the enemies. She can distribute the toxins all over the map in different ways to make the opponent teams slow.

But obviously something is missing in her poisonous abilities according to Riot. In the Q&A session with the players and viewers, Morello stated both her Toxic Screen and Snakebite abilities would be seeing as a significant buff which is “coming soon”.

Viper’s Molotov, Snakebite, will give the players the power to step through it an extra debuff called “fragile” that will enhance the number of damage agents take when they are affected.

Image Courtesy – Polygon

After pushing out of its Snakebite will no longer last, it is for a short time period.  According to Morello if you shot during the time there will be some additional damage.

Toxic Screen wall ability will also get an upgrade, after this the ability can pass through any wall or any obstacle that is coming in the path. Developers said they will allow her to show through the wall to make a hole and after that from that hole, she can leave valves on the map. Because of that strong wall, we will allow her a lot of wall placement options.

Image Courtesy – Reddit

Morello added that after this upgrade maybe some more will be needed here, but this is an important buff and also a substantial change. But when this upgrade will happen there is no as such an official announcement for this. But this will make her more potent and more powerful.

Image Courtesy – Riot Games

As Morello didn’t mention the exact time as we said before, but in his streams, he’s already talking about this so maybe we don’t have to wait for a long time. You should keep on your eyes on this, and if you don’t play more with Viper but then also you should know this because after the upgrade it will make Viper stronger and if you use this then your gameplay will improve with the help of her poisonous abilities.

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