TSM WARDELL encounters 2-player stack in VALORANT


Standing on top of another player in VALORANT is almost impossible. The game will immediately throw players off to prevent them from boosting each other to new positions or standing on top of one another while moving.

But standing in a corner allows players to stack on top of each other without moving. Professional VALORANT player WARDELL encountered two players executing this maneuver last night.

WARDELL was clearing the A site on Bind when he turned a corner and found two enemies stacking against the wall. This confused him briefly, which bought enough time for the players to eliminate him. 

The stacked players uploaded their perspective of the altercation, which showed them setting up the stack. The players confirmed it was “for the memes,” which worked out in this case. WARDELL went into the next round confused about how the other team stacked on top of each other but didn’t seem upset about the death. 

Stacking on top of another player is a popular tactic in CS:GO. Players can boost each other into new positions if done correctly. Players can also run boost each other, which sends the player on top soaring into the air. This isn’t possible in VALORANT, but players have found a way to make stacking slightly work. 

This strategy isn’t very useful, though, since it requires Raze and two players standing in a corner without moving. The Raze player will also have less accuracy because they’re technically in the air and won’t shoot straight. The maneuver is fun for players who want to surprise an enemy, however—and it can even help you kill a professional player.