TSM FTX calls on bang to take over for brax | VALORANT NEWS

For diehard competitive VALORANT fans, bang is a name that has been floated upon the upper echelon of players. He has played a variety of agents, mostly Omen as the main smoker for his teams. He also dabbles in the occasional duelist role, picking up either the Phoenix or Raze agents. While playing Omen, he has an ACS of 205, meanwhile when he plays the Brazilian bomber the ACS skyrockets to an absurd 288. For his young career, bang has been part of quite a few notable rosters. Most notably, the former Phoenix1 organization, which decided to disband after many players showed that they failed to pay their own players.

For TSM FTX, they could decide to go the 2 duelist role with Raze and Jett, as many teams have in past, but something that they themselves very rarely pulled out in Competitive play. They could also decide to put bang on the Sage, resembling somewhat of a duelist that has been show in professional scene. Whatever the path TSM decided to head down, they will be looking to regain their edge that they showed last summer, as they went on a rampage winning tournament after tournament. As of late, during Masters 1 and Masters 2 they failed to qualify for either, disappointing many fans.

With this addition, TSM FTX is now:

James “hazed” Cobb
Matthew “WARDELL” Yu
Yassine “Subroza” Taoufik
Taylor “drone” Johnson
Sean “bang” Bezerra