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The second half began with great shock dart usage from Stephen “reltuC” Cutler, almost single-handedly knocking kaboose out of two rounds straight. This helped them grab the pistol and hold off Envy’s force buy, leading to a 9-6 TSM lead. TSM’s coordination continued to fluster Envy, and every member chipped in as they reached match point. A quick double from Subroza and TSM’s stellar second half won them the map 13-7.

Moving on to Split, Anthony “mummAy” DiPaolo was back on his old pick Jett and each team lined up with a Breach. While the pistol and follow-up went to the attacking Envy, an early Operator purchase from Matthew “Wardell” Yu won TSM the third round and kept the score close. Subroza was on a tear for the fourth, and excellent collapsing and co-ordination put TSM ahead and kept them there. TSM’s triple duelists were finally revealing their full potential when all were rocking on full steam, and Envy couldn’t counter the different pace and strategy of TSM’s composition. The half ended 9-3.

A poor A hold from the attackers TSM gave Envy the pistol again, and while Envy managed to hold on and win the eco, a botched Omen teleport from food helped TSM get the rifle round, and along with the follow-up, the score was 11-5. Subroza again came up huge on Raze to grab TSM picks, and at match point, Envy could not hold them off. TSM took the map 13-5 and series 2-0.

First Strike North America Regional Final



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December 5, 2020