‘top to bottom’ overhaul of Valorant ranked system by Riot

The ranked system of Valorant is still receiving many criticisms, despite getting a revamp in Act 2. Riot promising a ‘top to bottom’ overhaul soon in the game, and also swearing to rework the system again.

Valorant’s ranked system has come under a lot of deficiencies and fire. The first Act 1 system received a lot of criticism for not being clear to the players how close they are demoting or promoting, and feeling like an endless break near the top.

‘top to bottom’ checking by Riot

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In Act 2 Riot wants to clear all the doubts of the players by giving a visual representation. Though this is not helping at all. Pros and casuals have eliminated the system for being so messy and meaningless.

act 2 rank

Plenty of solutions are there in the past. Introducing an SR system like Siege MMR or Overwatch which is also visible. For avoiding the five-stack boosting a solo queue like League of Legends which will be separate from the ranked system.

None of these solutions are implemented or taken into consideration yet, and with a negative greeting to recent changes, Riot has to go back to the initial drawing board to make things appropriate.

Joe Ziegler Lead developer has promised to players that now their top priority is to redesign the ranking system. They are tracking this from ‘top to bottom’ and also, they are keen to take more community feedback.

Ziggler didn’t mention any ideas which are in consideration right now. It could be another recast or some better adjustments to make the gaming experience better.

Riot doesn’t have a perfect time when the rankling system will be shipped. The ranked update may come later in Act 2 or maybe with Act 3, or after finishing the Ignition chapter.