TNL Esports replace GODLIKE with Harry | VALORANT NEWS

GODLIKE has been with the team since they were signed, and the roster since they were Quantum Strikers. Usually playing Breach, he has career-wide stats of 190 ACS and 1.02 Rating. But it seems his contributions weren’t enough, and his agent pool wasn’t wide enough – TNL have never really had a dedicated Sentinel player. That changes with the arrival of Harry, though.

Comparable to Jason  “neptune” Tran in his style of being able to completely lock down a site by himself, Harry was very impressive with T1 Korea, though he’s cooled off lately. MUYAHO were rated as one of Korea’s better teams coming in to Masters, and ended up performing about to par, making it out of their group and placing 3rd-4th with a semifinals loss to NUTURN. Harry has all-time stats of 187 ACS and 0.91 Rating.

After bringing in Jung “RyZzi” Ki-jin just over a month ago, TNL will be hoping this next change is the one that puts them in contention at the top of Korea again.

TNL Esports is now:

Yu “TS” Tae-seok
Yeom “eKo” Wang-ryong
Park “exy” Geun-cheol
Jung “RyZzi” Ki-jin
Kim “Harry” Han-gyu

Lee “bail” Sung-jae (Head coach)
Cho “fAwn” Duck-keun (Assistant coach)