This week’s VCT NA Open Qualifier and Challengers main event will reportedly be played on Patch 2.06

VALORANT Patch 2.06 is set to go live today, introducing several significant changes to agents and weapons.

Viper and Yoru will both receive much-needed buffs that could potentially make them viable choices in competitive play. The Bucky shotgun, on the other hand, will be heavily adjusted since it was previously overpowered and abused at all skill levels. And this patch could be featured in competitive play as soon as this weekend.

The VALORANT Champions Tour NA Open Qualifier this weekend will be played on Patch 2.06, according to Liquipedia. Liquipedia also reported that the Challengers main event on April 8 will be played on Patch 2.06.

Patch 2.06 also introduced a new HRTF audio setting, which renders sounds in a 3D environment and helps players track sounds more consistently. 

The changes in this update could significantly impact professional matches. Teams might introduce Viper or Yoru into their compositions now that they’re more viable and deadly. Players can also no longer abuse the Bucky, although it’s still fatal at close ranges. The new HRTF audio setting can even make it easier to track enemies as they move around the map. 

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Right now, teams rely on Omen as their dedicated controller on most maps. Viper has long been abandoned since her kit doesn’t provide the same advantages. But the changes in Patch 2.06 allow her to effectively lock down parts of the map, which is useful for any team. 

At time of writing, the two upcoming North American events are seemingly the only events that will use Patch 2.06. It’s possible that events in other regions will also use the latest patch, but Riot has not confirmed this change.