The fruitness of Riot API – Part 1 | VALORANT NEWS

As you all know, THESPIKE.GG is one of the few entities that have been granted Riot API access as we announced at the beginning of this month. During the three weeks that have passed, our Dev team have been working relentlessly to give the VALORANT community the best information and statistics possible. Today we’re proud to announce the official launch of those features, so let’s go right in and explain what you shall be seeing differently.

The main focus of this update will be the Match page, when two teams are playing each other. We will be using the TSM vs Sentinels Grand Final of the FaZe Clan Invitational as an example to explain the data, which includes four maps played and TSM winning the match due to a map advantage with the series score of 3-2.

Total – Attack – Defense


Quite self explanatory; thanks to the API, we are now able to know and share with you what each player in each map has done when attacking and defending, apart from the aggregated stats that are reflected under the Total tab. Clicking Attack and Defense on each team will give you the stats for each player and their performance accordingly.

ADR – Average Damage per Round


The average damage per round is a very important statistic since it reflects all the damage each player has done throughout the round. The damage includes all weapons and abilities used during each round. ADR is also available per Attack and Defense phases, and the average of the ADR of Attack and Defense will not most of the time reflect the ADR under the Total tab. This is simply due to the fact that the number of rounds per attack and defense are not equal.

FD – First Death


Opposite to what First Blood indicates, First Death is used for the player who was the first one to die during a round rather than the first one to get a kill. With this new data we are able to calculate a new statistic named ESR.

ESR – Entry Success Rate


The ESR indicates how successful each player is when they try to get the first blood during each round. The calculation used here is (First Bloods / (First Bloods + First Deaths)). If we take Matthew “Wardell” Yu as an example, overall he had an entry success rate of 53% during the four map with 10 first bloods and 9 first deaths. This statistic is again available per map and per side, both when attacking and defending.

HS% – Headshot Percentage


The headshot percentage indicates how many headshots the player hit when compared to all the hits they made. The data available is for headshots, bodyshots and legshots. The most interesting are definitely the headshots that each player manages to get. Is Scream really the headshot machine? We will have the answer thanks to this stat!

Multikills – (2k till 6k)


Multikills are always fun to watch if you’re spectating and thanks to the API, we know how many each player has. Multikills can vary from two kills up to six kills since there is a possibility of a Resurrection by Sage. Multikills are indicated as 2k, 3k, 4k, 5k and 6k on our website. If you do not see one of these multikills, it means that no player from the whole series managed to get that multikill. In this case, no one managed to get a 5k (ACE) or a 6k

Clutches (1v1 till 1v6)


Tense moments and very important ones that make a big difference in the outcome of a match. Pressure on each player to clutch is huge, especially for tournaments with huge prizes and thousands of people watching you. We now know how many each player is winning every map and every side and the impact he’s having on the team. The clutches are indicated as 1v1, 1v2, 1v3, 1v4, 1v5 and 1v6 on our website. Same as the multikills, clutches are not shown if they didn’t happen. In this case no one got a 1v3 clutch or higher throughout the series.

These statistics are only available if players can share their nickname and tagline with us, so if you want to see your stats on the tournaments you’re participating in and that we are covering, drop us a message on our Twitter or Discord. Having said that, even if we get the nickname and tagline, the API does not go all the way back in the history of each game that the player has played hence why some tournaments don’t have these stats yet. Currently we have the following tournaments in which you can find such statistics:

We hope this has been an entertaining article for you to read and as you can guess, there will be more parts related to more statistics coming up very soon!