The best VALORANT agent comp to run on Split

Whether you love or hate Split, you have to figure out a way to win games on it. And we’ve got you covered.

VALORANT Patch 2.0 adjusted Split to make it less defender-friendly. But mid control is still the easiest way to dominate your opponent. With the right agent comp, you and your squad can quickly gain that coveted Rank Rating.

Valorant Update 2.04 Patch Notes

For this ideal agent comp we’ll consider the best lineup for solo queue, while also looking at pro team picks from VCT NA Masters One. Astra is being left out since she’s still relatively new and has yet to make her mark in the meta.

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Here’s the best agent comp for Split.

  • Omen
  • Sage
  • Raze
  • Reyna
  • Cypher/Killjoy



What else is there to say about Omen that hasn’t already been said? He’s the premier controller for every map, including Split.

The ability to smoke from anywhere is perfect on Split, a map that favors last-minute rotations and fakes. Omen also has a cooldown on his smoke, becoming even more useful for teams that want to take things slow and play for picks.

Omen players often use Paranoia to open up B Heaven, allowing your team to storm in and get a pick or two. This also help the rest of your teammates get in through B main, applying pressure on both sides.

When defending, an Omen can put up a cheeky one-way smoke on A main. This can stall a team trying to push in since they won’t be able to see an enemy’s location. And it’ll also prevent opponents from getting the ultimate orb without using utility of their own.


Sage Char.Art VALORANT

Split is without a doubt Sage’s best map, as seen by her 100-percent pick rate on it during NA Masters, according to

Gaining mid control on Split is key for attackers and defenders. But Sage gives a team an instant edge. Simply having the ability to slow and wall off puts a wrench in the attacking team’s plans. If they decide to push after shooting down the wall, your allies still have ample time to rotate.

When attacking, Sage can wall off Mid Ropes to cut off a flank and then fully commit to B Heaven. If you want to take the healer through B main, then you can put up a barrier when entering site to provide a safe route to site. The possibilities are limitless.

And Sage still has other abilities that are useful in any situation and on any map, like her heal and Resurrection.


Raze 1

Similar to Sage, Raze absolutely excels on Split and was picked 100 percent of the time on the map during NA Masters.

Split is a map that has many tight choke points and little cubbies. And Raze is the perfect agent to blow enemies out of their hiding spot. Defenders can easily synergize Sage’s Slow Orb with Raze’s grenade or rocket, making Mid a deathtrap for grouped up opponents.

And since both sites have a Heaven and Hell, Raze’s Blast Packs make navigating that verticality easy. Whether you’re attacking or defending, you can switch up your vantage point in a split second or blast yourself to safety.

One of Raze’s biggest strengths on Split is being able to stall plants and defuses with her explosive abilities. There are a lot of default plants on the map, forcing teams to plant the Spike in contained areas. A well-timed grenade or rocket could be the difference maker when a round nears its end.


atey ghailan gold20 rey reyna golden moment thumbnail 1

Having at least one agent that can flash is always a good idea. Why not pick a duelist that can do that?

Reyna’s Leer is a great way to bust a site or mid open since it forces enemies to either back away or shoot it out. This allows your team to swing in, potentially getting a pick or gaining ground.

In a one-vs-X scenario, Reyna can use Split’s cubbies and tight corners to take smart duels. And if you pop her Empress ultimate, you can chain together multiple kills while maintaining your health and going invulnerable.

Jett is potentially another good choice for the second duelist, since she has dashes and smokes. And she can abuse shotguns by getting a kill and repositioning. But the lack of a flash may make Reyna a better option.

Cypher or Killjoy


Split is the only map where having a Sova is unnecessary. With an open slot available, teams can easily run two duelists and two sentinels.

Cypher and Killjoy are both great options to pair with Sage. Their traps can hold down a site while Sage focuses on closing off mid. Cyphers can play conservatively when defending B site, placing Trapwires and a Spycam to catch opposing teams creeping. Having that early intel can also help your team make appropriate rotations.

Killjoy can similarly lock down a site with her Turret, Alarmbot, and Nanoswarm grenades. Players often place mollies in common default areas that they can spring when opponents start planting the Spike. She can also defend against a defuse with her traps, stalling out the round effortlessly. And Killjoy’s Lockdown ultimate is especially effective on tighter maps because it pressures enemies to come out of their hiding spots or back off.