TenZ gets ace with Sheriff in VALORANT


Image via Cloud9

TenZ recently pulled off an impressive Sheriff ace in VALORANT, proving that he’s still one of the best players in the world. 

TenZ was playing with Soar content creator Ethoz when the entire team was eliminated, leaving the 19-year-old in a one-vs-five situation. Most players would have little hope for surviving or winning the round, but the challenge didn’t phase TenZ. 

The five players attempted to close in on TenZ to finish the round but seemed to forget who they were playing against. TenZ easily killed two enemies pushing his position and Ethoz joked about sending him 10 gifted subscriptions on Twitch if he survived. 

TenZ almost died when the remaining three players pushed from both directions, but he swiftly killed them and won the round for his team. The other players were excited about what they just witnessed, although Ethoz mentioned he should’ve said five gifted subscriptions instead of 10. 

Earlier this month, TenZ announced that he was stepping down from Cloud9’s VALORANT roster to pursue content creation. This was a surprise to other players and fans, but many supported his decision and look forward to his content. Hiko, though, expressed his worry about TenZ leaving for too long and having trouble adapting if he returned since VALORANT is continuously changing. 

It’s clear that TenZ hasn’t lost his skill since he departed from the competitive scene. His fans can likely expect more amazing clips soon.