Teams revealed for the FTW Summer Showdown | VALORANT NEWS

On the last day of August, it was revealed that September will see the biggest to date women-only VALORANT competitive… Read More

1 month ago

Riot teams up with Prime Gaming to dish out exclusive VALORANT loot starting next week

Screengrab via Riot GamesAmazon Prime members are in luck. Riot is once again partnering up with Prime Gaming to deliver… Read More

1 month ago

Teams revealed for the Pulse Series | VALORANT NEWS

After a week of invites, all the teams participating in the upcoming $10,000 USD PULSE Series have been revealed. The… Read More

1 month ago

Opinion: Ranking the top 10 teams in Europe | VALORANT NEWS

The European scene is beginning to settle down. We are seeing the same teams and organizations in events, with the… Read More

2 months ago

Davidp: “Teams that do not play Sage are doing a big mistake” | VALORANT NEWS

by yinsucollins 2020-08-22 His spot on the G2 Esports roster took a little longer to solidify than his teammates’ but… Read More

2 months ago

JasonR joins FaZe Clan as team captain for Valorant

FaZe Clan has announced their first player for competitive Valorant roster as Jason ‘JasonR’ Ruchelski and he is the leader… Read More

4 months ago

Valorant: North American Teams in the Twitch Rivals

The official release of Valorant is going to be celebrated with a global championship tournament in Twitch . There are… Read More

5 months ago

Skadoodle Joins T1 VALORANT Team

For Riot Games’ new First-shoot FPS “Valorant”, Where the Counter-Strike Pro who has served Cloud9 and won a Major himself,… Read More

5 months ago

Active And Disbanded Valorant Teams

List of all esports teams VALORANT Rating, results, a statistic of matches, Actual rosters, Schedule of upcoming matches and much… Read More

5 months ago