Teams revealed for the NSG x Complexity Invitational | VALORANT NEWS

The NSG x Complexity Invitational is set to mark the first high-level North American VALORANT event in 2020. With a prize pool of $10,000, it hasn’t attracted the absolute highest level of competition, but there’s still plenty of intriguing storylines to watch out for.

The teams attending the NSG x Complexity Invitational are:


NRG Esports
Spacestation Gaming
Time In
XSET Gaming
Equinox Esports
Monke Mode Gaming
Luminosity Gaming


Built By Gamers
Carpe Noctem

Andbox, Dignitas, and possibly NRG Esports are all favourites to take home the main event. Andbox have shown massive potential but, due to factors outside their control, have often been unable to play up to it, while Dignitas are coming in off second place in the Pittsburgh Knights Before Christmas and a now-completed NRG roster won the last event they played in as well.

Teams such as XSET, Complexity, Spacestation Gaming, Built By Gamers, Luminosity Gaming, and Equinox Esports all combine to make an incredibly strong chasing pack. All of these teams have shown one time or another that they have what it takes to become a true contender. Most of these teams either haven’t played recently or played Knights Before Christmas, giving us a good idea of where they stand. In terms of new blood on rosters, Equinox are possibly the most interesting, as they’re searching for a new member following the release of Jose Carlo Muñoz  “Dcop” Delsol.

As a last sort of group, we have Prospects, Renegades, beastcoast, Carpe Noctem, Time In, Elysium, and Project !. Renegades are playing their first event without Justin “coachJ” Anzalone at the helm, and have historically been a very inconsistent team. They have very high highs, but also very low lows. Time In and Monke Mode/Project ! will all be looking to distance themselves from recent events and to make a better impression, while beastcoast have been rotating their roster as of late and are rumoured to be doing so again. Lastly, Prospects, Carpe Noctem, and Elysium come in as more unknown quantities that could end up falling anywhere on the spectrum.

NSG x Complexity promises to be a great event to kick off North American VALORANT in 2021. Be sure to tune in on, and follow along the whole event with THESPIKE.GG!