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After several announcements of players leaving the team, Team Heretics have today announced the first signing for the rebuild of their VALORANT roster for VCT Stage 3. Ondřej “MONSTEERR” Petrů will be joining Christian  “lowel” Garcia Antoran, the only player that remained from the original roster to start their journey and try to prove that Team Heretics still belongs at the top of the European VALORANT scene.

MONSTEERR has started his VALORANT professional career with eSuba and moved on to eventually join Enterprise Esports where we remember them coming to a close finish in the First Strike Qualifiers against Nolpenki. After that, he joined Unsigned alongside a British core that eventually got signed by LDN UTD. His latest accomplishment with LDN UTD was winning the RixGG – April Open in which he managed to pull an impressive 1.32 rating throughout the event.

In his career, MONSTEERR mainly focused on the Sentinel role with Cypher and Killjoy but lately he also played Viper and even Reyna. During his career, MONSTEERR currently has an impressive 1.22 rating in 2021 with 244 ACS and a 1.30 K/D

With this change Team Heretics are now:

Christian Garcia “lowel” Antoran
Ondřej “MONSTEERR” Petrů

Who do you think will be next to join this promising roster to battle it out with the best of Europe?