VALORANT data miners discover new skins and possible support for controllers

Valorant NewsVALORANT Patch 1.11 added a new agent to the game and introduced Icebox to the competitive map rotation today.… Read More

4 hours ago

Valorant Developer Riot Games Rolls Back Latest Patch After Labeling It A Technical Nightmare

Sometimes, things just don’t work out the way you intended. Riot Games found this out rather swiftly with the release… Read More

10 hours ago

Patch Notes 1.11: economy changes, Breach buff, Cypher nerf, and more | VALORANT NEWS

Since yesterday the community has been gossiping about the upcoming changes to the game with Patch 1.11. The developers shared… Read More

10 hours ago

Fix “in the works” for VALORANT bug that doesn’t grant bonus credits for AFK teammates after Patch 1.11

Valorant NewsIt looks like AFK teammates in VALORANT are now completely useless. Riot addressed an issue that doesn’t reward players… Read More

16 hours ago

xCeed joins NRG VALORANT on trial | VALORANT NEWS

NRG Esports NRG EsportsDamian "daps" SteeleSam "s0m" OhYannick "KOLER" BlanchetteDaniel "eeiu" VucenovicJack "xCeeD" Holiman is forming quite a VALORANT roster, with their signings of Damian "daps" Steele Damian "daps" SteeleTeam:NRG EsportsMaps Played:4KPR:0.78ADR:136.46, Sam "s0m" Oh Sam "s0m" OhTeam:NRG EsportsMaps Played:4KPR:0.79ADR:134.43,… Read More

22 hours ago

XSET Gaming sign Pretty Boyz plus Wedid | VALORANT NEWS

XSET XSETBryce  "PureR" LovellZander "thwifo" KimJordan "AYRIN" HeBrandon "Brando" ParkerMatthew "Wedid" Suchan is a newer esports organization, begun in July 2020 by former FaZe Clan executives upset with the… Read More

1 day ago

Cloud9 signs all-female VALORANT roster

Screengrab via Cloud9 VALORANT on YouTube.Cloud9 have signed the MAJKL VALORANT roster as “Cloud9 White,” according to an announcement on… Read More

2 days ago

Riot Games on combating smurfs and VALORANT PBE server | VALORANT NEWS

Riot Games are constantly researching ways to add more features to VALORANT to keep it fresh and exciting to the… Read More

2 days ago

When does Skye release in VALORANT?

Valorant NewsSkye, VALORANT’s new agent, is an Australian beast tamer who offers utility to her teammates. Equipped with a flash,… Read More

2 days ago

eRa Eternity enter VALORANT with Kolateral’s roster | VALORANT NEWS

The Brazilian VALORANT scene is one of the fastest growing and impressed players around the world, including Guild Esports Guild… Read More

2 days ago