VALORANT players discover new elevated spot on Icebox

Valorant NewsVALORANT players have found several creative ways to use the environment to their advantage on Icebox, the latest map… Read More

1 day ago

Jett Players Can Utilize Ropes In VALORANT’s Newest Map, Icebox, To Propel Themselves

The newest and infamous map of Riot Games‘ VALORANT, Icebox, has struck once again on the community, but, this time,… Read More

5 days ago

New VALORANT update fixes bugs on Icebox map

Valorant NewsVALORANT’s newest map Icebox has gone through another round of fixes and Riot Games is looking to solve the… Read More

7 days ago

Riot Games Fixes Bugs On VALORANT’s Icebox Map On New Update, Confirms More Patch To Come

In the newest patch, Riot Games fixed most bugs found on the Icebox’s recently released map. Since its release, the… Read More

1 week ago

VALORANT community believes Easter eggs on Icebox and Act III battle pass may tease upcoming samurai agent

Screengrab via Riot GamesImmediately after the launch of VALORANT Act III yesterday, fans sifted through the new content for clues… Read More

1 week ago