T1 VALORANT releases statement on new assistant coach’s PUBG cheating ban

T1’s VALORANT coaching staff released a statement earlier today on assistant coach Cody “Stunner” MacLeod’s ban for cheating during his PUBG career.

“We wanted everyone to understand that we were and are fully aware of Cody’s history, including the ban he received for having cheats installed on two separate accounts during his PUBG career,” said T1 head coach David Denis.

Stunner also spoke in T1’s video, detailing his career and how much the ban cost him.

At the time of his ban, Stunner was known as “Exko,” according to Magno “Pr0phie” Ramos, who posted the PUBG esports team’s ruling on Stunner last night.

T1 announced Stunner as the new assistant coach for its VALORANT team on April 8—and then chaos ensued in the replies to his announcement.

“‘Great Analytical Mind’ Yeah he had a great analytic mind when he was banned for cheating in PUBG and blocked every player and changes his name in every game and rats his way into the scene,” said Zenith Esports PUBG player Jaden “Vegas” James in a reply to the announcement.

“You can’t just cheat in PUBG then change your name my guy,” said former PUBG player and current Luminosity VALORANT player Diondre “YaBoiDre” Bond.

In the statement, Stunner admitted fault. “It will forever be my biggest regret,” Stunner said. “It cut a lot of my opportunities away, and that’s OK. At the end of the day, it’s my own fault for being a part of that incident.”

Denis reiterated his stance and said he believes that Stunner has changed.