SUMN FC dominate Purple Cobras at First Strike Quarterfinals | VALORANT NEWS

The second day of First Strike Europe Regional Final kicked off with the Purple Cobras taking on Jake “Boaster” Howlett’s SUMN FC, in an affair that was extremely one-sided in favour of SUMN FC, with a Viper appearing on bind and a quiet Liam “fanCy” Ebanks, who had 0 kills on the first map.

The series started on Purple Cobra’s map pick of Bind which included a standard composition from the side. SUMN FC however decided to pull out a Viper in James “Mistic” Orfila and moved Domagoj  “doma” Fancev to his first ever non-Duelist pick, Omen. With the map starting, so did Mistic, shutting down the pistol flawlessly before closing down the next two. Marc “honeybee” Begley opened up Cobras’ scorecard with a swift Marshall headshot, before his team swarmed a surprised B Site but SUMN’s confidence wasn’t stopped, shutting out the five sequential rounds. The tenth had Cobras quietly take B Garden before swiftly executing B Site with Logi “Hugstar” Baldursson’s entry. SUMN then held off a quick and explosive A take flawlessly, with Mistic taking four heads. Cobras sneak the last of the half with a quick line-up by Hugstar before yet again dismantling B, leaving the score at 9-3 in SUMN’s favour.

The second half started with SUMN using Bind’s middle teleport, and then the outer teleport, and then the middle teleport again, before Mistic used both of his Snake Bites to stop any defusal in the chaotic opener. Cleaning up the follow-up, SUMN took a set play towards A and in a skirmish, took their map point. With a nine round lead, the British core then accelerated up towards B Garden where they met Honeybee and Romain “VlaDéDé” Mieudonnet, losing more men and being gated out of the round. Another execution had SUMN take B convincingly, shutting out the map 13-4.

Haven allowed the teams return to normality, with Doma back on his prized Raze and SUMN took to the attacking side on their map pick. Even with fanCy taking his first kill of the series, SUMN took the pistol and second. With guns in hand, Cobras had Ouali “M4CHINA” Manset go aggressive, gaining a lot of early control and information, leading to their first round. Accelerating, SUMN quickly took A for a third, and went into B before getting aced out by VlaDéDé who then equalized the score with a 1v2. Round seven went to Boaster’s squad as they took fights throughout the entire map, winning out flawlessly. A thrifty round is what followed with SUMN crumbling to pressure of many pushes. The teams then traded out rounds and SUMN were finally held off, leading to Cobras’ first lead in the series, which was short lived as a clumped push from SUMN ended the half in a 6-6 draw.

Standard garage and C holds to start the half then had SUMN successfully take the pistol and follow-up rounds. Cobras changed up their target site, quickly swarming A. Trying to repeat these fast paced rounds, Cobras pushed other sites but SUMN closed the doors completely to gain a three round advantage. Trying to switch the pace, Doma and co pushed through A but were held off, allowing Cobras to take another and leaving the score at a close 10-8. Trying to speed up again, M4CHINA tried to pry open the C site again but Kostas “tsack” Theodoropoulos shoved the push back. Two last ditch attempts by Cobras had them execute A, failing both and losing them the map 13-8, and the series, 2-0.


First Strike Europe Regional Final

Quarter Final


Best of 3

December 4, 2020