Summit1g Delivers his Verdict on Valorant vs. CS:GO

As soon as there is more than one game in a particular genre, fans start vouching for a better one. Something similar happened right after the launch of Valorant. The game was a direct competitor for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in the FPS genre.

As Valorant grew popular, people started arguing that CS: GO is dying. Moreover, popular streamer Shroud also gave his opinion on the same a while ago. The latest big name to join in on the conversation is Jaryd “Summit1g” Lazar.

Summit is one of the most popular Twitch streamers. He spent a majority of his streaming career playing CS: GO. Naturally, he also faced the choice between CS and Valorant.

Summit1g feels Valorant is less enjoyable than CS: GO

After playing Valorant a few times, Summit decided that it is much less enjoyable than CS. Firstly, Valo is a fast-paced game. Therefore, it’s much harder for him to interact with fans. The constant ultimate ability spam in Valo along with the utility spam is much worse than the strategic use of utilities in CS according to Summit.

Summit is currently playing Sea of Thieves regularly on stream. He feels it is the perfect game for him to play on stream as he enjoys it and also can interact with fans constantly. However, he also said he will “always be a Counter-Strike boy.” He also added that he is thinking of returning to CS: GO and plans to try surfing.

This might be a personal decision for Summit, as it relies heavily on his streaming choices. However, he is not wrong when he says Valorant is more fast-paced. Therefore, only those who have prior playing experience or understand how it works will truly enjoy the game.

As far as CS: GO is concerned, the game is clearly not dead. There are many creators and professionals backing the game, and it is very much alive. The battle between the two FPS games is going to continue for a long time with many people having an opinion.