steel moves from CS:GO to VALORANT – where will we see him next? | VALORANT NEWS

Joshua “steel” Nissan is a storied North American Counter-Strike player who has been involved in the game for over ten years. He is now following Nicholas “nitr0” Cannella’s footsteps and moving to VALORANT after officially retiring from from Counter-Strike. The Canadian player is currently contracted with Chaos EC, his previous team, and has been announced as a content creator.

Steel has a long history, starting his career in Counter-Strike: Source, where he played for many teams, but spent a majority of his time under Fully Torqued (who would later rebrand to Torqued). In late 2012, the Canadian moved to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

In early 2014, he joined iBUYPOWER alongside current T1 players, Braxton “Brax” Pierce, Keven “AZK” Larivière, and Tyler “Skadoodle” Latham, who’s roster looked to be one of the best in the World, but the side were caught in the famous iBP Match-Fixing Scandal, where Brax, AZK, and steel were indefinitely banned from all Valve events.

During his ban, steel visited other avenues, where he had a stint on Splyce’s Overwatch roster, but in 2017, he returned to Counter-Strike as many event organizers removed his ban. While he was still Valve banned, steel came back to playing competitively, and bringing his A-game, and he found himself on organizations like Ghost and most recently Chaos EC, to which he is still contracted.

Steel now looks to make a transition into VALORANT, and according to reports by DBLTAP, will be looking to play professionally. This raises the question of “where will steel go?”

There is a chance that he takes a place in T1, as Skadoodle is on the bench and steel used to play with Brax and AZK in many Counter-Strike teams. He fits the team as an in-game leader that the squad is currently missing.

There is also a chance that steel joins the currently rebuilding 100 Thieves, with Spencer “Hiko” Martin and Nicholas “nitr0” Cannella, who were already looking at ex-Counter-Strike professionals. This would create a leader problem, as all three players have history in calling, but could allow two players to just focus on the game as individuals.

Another possibility is that this could be a quiet move from Chaos EC to get their foot in the door of North American VALORANT. While this is unlikely, this would see another organization entering the game and building around a player.

Where do you think steel will go? Do you think more players will make the switch? Comment below with your thoughts!