steel joins 100 Thieves VALORANT roster | VALORANT NEWS

American organization 100 Thieves announced the addition of Joshua “steel” Nissan on Friday, September 4th, 2020. The team has been re-tooling to be a more Counter Strike: Global Offensive-based lineup, as steel joins Spencer “Hiko” Martin and Nicholas “nitr0” Cannella on the roster. While this move doesn’t round out the roster, it looks to be another strong addition, with steel coming into VALORANT as one of the hottest prospects in North America.

steel is widely regarded as one of the most talented in-game leaders in North American CS:GO, bringing multiple teams to the upper echelons of North American and Global CS:GO. The Canadian most recently worked with Chaos Esports Club, a team that he was the captain of, and eventually led into the top 20 of the CS:GO world rankings. During the announcement of his retirement from CS:GO, it was also said he will remain in the organization as a content creator, which many people believed is not the final place for him on the VALORANT scene. steel also played alongside Matthew “Wardell” Yu on Ghost Gaming, in a roster that saw limited success, though it did produce upsets, namely in Flashpoint. While steel has yet to compete in any tournaments in VALORANT he has been actively practicing the game, both on and off various streams, and is seemingly more than competent.

steel has a tough past in CS:GO, including a lifetime major ban alongside Keven “AZK” Larivière and Braxton “Brax” Pierce as part of the iBUYPOWER match-fixing scandal. He has been widely renowned as one of the most dedicated players in the scene, working to make his way back to the top of CS:GO, despite his ban from the premier competitions. His transition to VALORANT alongside nitr0 and Hiko marks one of the strongest on paper fully CS:GO-based lineups, in both North America and the world.

With the addition of steel, 100 Thieves roster currently looks like this:

Spencer “Hiko” Martin
Nicholas “nitr0” Canella
Josh “steel” Nissan