Spot Up replace Bunny with HIA | VALORANT NEWS

Spot Up, the unsigned team currently ranked #18 in THESPIKE.GG’s North American rankings, have announced a change to their lineup, with Garrett “Bunny” Molle departing and Eric “HIA” Boggs joining in his place.

Bunny had been with Spot Up since June, originally serving as their Jett player but having more recently swapped roles to take up the Smoker/Breach position. He put up a 186 ACS and 0.89 KD over the course of his time with the team.

His replacement, HIA, has been bouncing around teams for some time. He found some original success with HIA MONEY CREw, who were signed by Overtime Gaming, but that didn’t last long. He played a few events with Pretty Boyz, but has been out of action since mid-October. He’s already participated in an event with Spot Up, the recent Nerd Street Gamers – Monthly November. The team made it to the quarterfinals, losing to the eventual champions Andbox. HIA played an entry fragging role for the team, with his stats amounting to 226 ACS and 1.06 KD throughout the event.

While they didn’t qualify for the main event, Spot Up had a relatively good First Strike showing, and with the success they’ve already seen with their new addition, things are looking up for the long-standing unsigned team.

Spot Up are now:

Tucker “Tucker” Watson
Oliver “figment” Thompson
Eric “Kanpeki” Xu
Rustun “Rustun” Lusk
Eric “HIA” Boggs