Split remains one-sided after VALORANT players find new ways to hold sites

The recent changes to Split in VALORANT were intended to make it easier for attackers to enter and take sites. But they also introduced new issues for players.

Split is slightly more balanced with the latest changes, but smart players can still easily hold sites, which means further adjustments are needed. 

VALORANT Patch 2.0 included a significant overhaul of Split, which was considered a one-sided map and challenging for attackers to take sites. Defenders won the majority of rounds on Split during First Strike: North America last year and it was clear Split heavily favored the defending team. The recent changes adjusted several locations around the map to eliminate deep corners, 50/50 peek spots, and opened areas by increasing “chokepoint widths.”

These were welcomed adjustments that could help attackers execute sites, but they also created new problems. VALORANT players have already found multiple strategies to hold sites by using new objects on Split and attacking teams will still have a tough time executing sites. 

Split’s B site received several changes that make it easier for teams to exit B main in theory, but creative and high-skilled players have found ways to adjust their defenses. One player found multiple one-way Sage walls that create new obstacles for attackers and can potentially stop an entire team.

Another player found a one-way Cypher smoke that covers the entire B main entrance, even though the choke point’s width was increased. The Sage walls require a boost and an understanding of how to create a long wall, which are strategies unfamiliar to casual players. 

But high-ranked or skilled players can easily replicate the wall placements and lock down B site with ease. There are more opportunities for attackers to use abilities when entering the site, but it’s tough to counter a player standing directly above the entrance. 

It’s unclear if the placement of Sage’s wall on top of the crates is an intentional design choice or if players have found a bug. Riot Games could prevent the wall from being placed in these spots in a future update, keeping players from creating the off-angles and one-way walls. 

Sage is also an often overlooked agent, especially in higher ranks, which might prevent the one-way walls from appearing in games. The new walls might attract more players to give the character another try if they remain in VALORANT. 

Split’s A site was also adjusted to make it easier for attackers to execute and multiple walls around the site were changed. The wall along the entrance to A Heaven was altered to make it easier for attackers to clear the area and prevent defenders from hiding in a corner. 

The back corner of A site was also adjusted and players can check and clear this spot much earlier than before. These changes are beneficial for teams attempting to take the site and make defenders play smarter instead of hiding. 

VALORANT players haven’t found new ways to create one-way smokes and walls on A site yet, likely because no new objects were added. The new strategies on B site involve standing on or jumping on a new box introduced in the latest update. 

The changes to Split were designed to make it easier for attacking teams. Instead, they created new issues. New objects only introduced creative ways for players to defend the site and essentially rendered some of the changes useless. But the update did remove several pain points by fixing the map itself and not adding new obstacles. 

Riot’s design choices were aimed at trying to balance a map that needed a change, especially for professional or high-level matches. Talented players and five stacks will likely have a bit more trouble holding sites on Split, but the new defensive methods still stack the odds against attackers. Riot must adjust abilities that can create unfair angles or further change the map itself for any adjustments to be successful.