Spacestation Gaming enter VALORANT with Bloom roster | VALORANT NEWS

Spacestation Gaming is an American organization that boasts rosters and players in many games, from their franchised TrackMania spot to their SMITE team, which resides in the games current Pro League, and even the current best Rocket League trio. Their main attraction is their prized Rainbow Six: Siege roster, who have already taken three cups in 2020, including their win of the Six Invitational. Now the organization looks to broaden their horizons and has picked up a squad in VALORANT.

The new Spacestation Gaming roster includes Adam “kaplan” Kaplan, Youssef “sSef” Daghache, Daniel “roca” Gustaferri, and Jordan “insky” Gonzalez, who all played under Bloom. The core played alongside “Leak”, who left the squad only ten days before the announcement. They played through the Nerd Street Gamers x FaZe Clan Qualifier #2 and qualified through to the main event, FaZe Clan VALORANT Invitational, where they fell out of their group in fourth, showing some promise when they took a tight map off of TSM. Most lately, the squad failed to qualify for Knights Invitational Gauntlet Series after heartbreaking losses to Lemonade Stand and Morning Light.

Out of the roster, roca is the most notable, coming over from Counter-Strike. He has played for various North American teams over the past six years, including stints at Complexity, Splyce, and Dignitas, following his tenure at Tempo Storm in 2015. The player’s most successful tournaments were Fragadelphia 7 and Alienware Area 51 Cup #1, where he took both trophies home. Unfortunately he wasn’t able to show up in top tier tournaments and by the end of 2018, roca was no longer finding himself in organizations, and failing to show up with mixed teams. After his final tenure at New England Whalers, he moved to VALORANT where he was finally noticed again with Bloom, where he has managed to average an insane 263 ACS and 1.25 K/D.

Kaplan is the team’s Sova and IGL, also coming from Counter-Strike where he played many regional LAN events. He also played alongside one of the top teams in Guild Wars 2 when the game originally launched. His self proclaimed peak was his top eight finish in ESEA Main. Kaplan was one of the earliest to switch, joining Code7 (now Built By Gamers) in mid-April of 2020. The team achieved some great runs in lower tier cups but couldn’t succeed where it counted, dropping out early in Immortals First Light . Leaving Code7 on June 17th, 2020, kaplan quickly found himself on Bloom where he became the in-game leader.

Unknown quantity, Insky, used to play Counter-Strike, playing many qualifiers with players such as Peter “Asuna” Mazuryk and Brenden “stellar” McGrath. He played with many low level mix squads in early VALORANT until, in July, he found Bloom, where he has been playing as the primary controller, being a great user of Omen and Brimstone. While not the strongest fragger of the squad, he has been able to achieve a respectable 192 ACS and 0.88 KD, all while supporting his squad with his smokes.

The fourth member of the squad is sSef, who is the only Canadian on the squad. Like roca, sSef has won a Fragadelphia, this time in Battalion 1944, but hasn’t been able to replicate it throughout his career. Throughout VALORANT, the Cypher main has played with many different squads and even played with Team Kephrii in Twitch Rivals: VALORANT Launch Showdown – NA. sSef is the most stable player of the roster, averaging a perfect 1 KD and a 191 ACS so far in VALORANT.


With Leak no longer with the roster, the fifth spot is open. Who would you like to see as the fifth and final member of the squad?

For now, the Spacestation Gaming’s current four players are:

Adam “kaplan” Kaplan
Youssef “sSef” Daghache
Daniel “roca” Gustaferri
Jordan “insky” Gonzalez