Sova Drone Momentarily Reveals Enemies NEW BUG

Another game-breaking Valorant bug associated with the agent Sova is there to derogate the gameplay of the players. This bug allows Sova to reveal the nearby enemies momentarily only on the minimap. This does not happen 100% of the time, the reason behind this bug is not yet confirmed. Also, if you are playing with Sova the reproduction rate of the error or bug comes is 25%, it means that near about if you are attempting for 12 times, then out of that only in 3 times the bug will appear.

Gamebreaking Valorant bug: Sova drone momentarily reveals nearby enemies on minmap from r/riotgames

If you are a Sova fan then this bug will reduce the gameplay of yours. And fair gameplay will hamper this bug. A Reddit user firetto posted a video where we can see that the drone of Sova reveals the position on enemies, those who are nearby her.

Video Courtesy – Youtube

This bug will firmly affect the gameplay on the minimap. Though not every player is facing the problem and also those who are facing this is for less amount of time.

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But for a successful game, it should not be an issue that any of the players is facing a bug in-game for the game itself. Riot will definitely look upon it.