SKADE replace Sebbz and Manneten with Lei and KP1337 | VALORANT NEWS

Since the signing of the new-look FABRIKEN roster, SKADE have already made changes, when they brought in Tim “Manneten” Bylund to replace Oskar “PHYRN” Palmqvist. Manneten is now leaving the squad alongside their coach, Sebastian “sebbz” Fredriksson, who are being replaced by Kalle “KP1337” Persson and Jason “Lei” Beach, respectively.

While with the roster, both Manneten and sebbz played throughout multiple events, including GLX Elite Series Main Event and NGL Open Cup Qualifier 4 but have already moved on from the squad, playing with Nice Cars throughout First Strike Europe: Open Qualifier A, with sebbz even transitioning back into a player.

KP1337 is a direct replacement for Manneten, who has already been playing with the squad throughout multiple events, including Valorant Challenge 2 where they placed top four. The Swede is rejoining his teammates Gabriel “Shrew” Gessle, Andreas “Eppz” Vallvingskog, and Linus “Limpone” Wecksell, playing with them in Resurrection Sickness with a top eight at Lava Series #3 and 9th-16th finishes in Absolute Masters and Rise of Titans. Lei is a lot lesser known but is a British coach who has been working closely with the entire squad towards improvement.

“We haven’t had the results we were hoping for recently, so we came to a conclusion to make some changes within the team. Bringing in a new coach, player and changing up some roles within the team. We’re certain you will see a new SKADE moving forward, and can’t wait to showcase it in First Strike” stated Oliwer “LATEKS” Fahlander in the official announcement.

Since the statement, SKADE have passed through First Strike Europe: Open Qualifier B , picking up a win against Wave Esports before falling out of the first qualification week to FunPlus Phoenix.

SKADE is now:

Oliwer “LATEKS” Fahlander
Linus “Limpone” Wecksell
Gabriel “Shrew” Gessle
Andreas “Epzz” Vallvingskog
Kalle “KP1337” Persson

Jason “Lei” Beach (Coach)