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Sinatraa injures eye while working out

Photo by Robert Paul via Blizzard Entertainment

Jay “Sinatraa” Won injured his eye with a resistance band during a workout last night. No serious damage was done, according to Sinatraa, and it appears that he’ll fully recover.

The former Overwatch League MVP turned VALORANT star gave an update on his situation on Twitter last night.

“Hit my right eye really hard with a resistance band and had to go to the emergency room because I went fully blind for like three hours,” he said. “Got lucky and only have a lot of scratches, bruising, and blood on my retina and they said I would most likely recover in a week or two.”

Sinatraa specified in a follow-up tweet that he had a “50 LB resistance band [and was] trying to curl it, then it slipped from my feet and shot up.”

Teammates and competitors from across both the Overwatch and VALORANT landscapes offered their support in the comments of his Twitter post. Andrej “babybay” Francisty and Corey Nigra from FaZe’s VALORANT team wished him a speedy recovery, as did his former OWL organization the San Francisco Shock. Sinatraa’s teammate on the Sentinels, Jared “zombs” Gitlin, offered his moral support with a roast of the weights that attacked the player.

An eye injury can be scary for anyone, but for a professional gamer, a severe eye injury could be career-ending. Sinatraa is fortunate that more damage wasn’t done. He’s expected to recover in a week or two.

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