Shroud Happy But Many Valorant Players Want Riot Games to Either Remove or Tweak Icebox

For a while, the Valorant community has had a persistent complaint against the maps in the game. According to the players, the maps offered very little diversity in terms of layout. Riot Games tried to change that in the current Act with the latest map, Icebox. This one impressed the community, even though it featured a layout glitch around Site A.

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Even Shroud had commented on stream that Icebox is “not f—ing one-dimensional like every other map.” 

Truly, Icebox features enough diversity in its layout and is more realistic than the other maps, which frankly feel more like a maze.

However, looks like Riot could not ultimately make the players happy. The community is demanding that the devs remove the Icebox map from the game because apparently “it just isn’t the right move for the scene.”

The community is demanding that devs remove Icebox from Valorant. But why exactly?

Icebox, with its complex system of lanes and its layout, brought about the diversity that players have been demanding. However, this turned out to be a case of “careful what you wish for.”

Now the issue that this player has raised is obviously legitimate. Yes, the map features various angles and yes, it does provide many mid-height sniper nests. Understanding and acquainting oneself with the layout is a bit of a task. However, we will not go as far as to say that it is an impossible ma to play on.

Another player replied to the above tweet with the following suggestion:

Here is another suggestion: players can try to use a recon agent along with a fragger in order to stay at an advantage while hard clearing corners.

Now, here is what we think. Yes, it is true that the map does have quite a lot of hard corners, and to some extent can put either team at a disadvantage, depending on their position and strategy. A map layout with the potential to put one of the teams at an advantage cannot work in the competitive scene.

On the other hand, the map is not even that broken that Riot would have to remove it entirely. What devs can do is tweak the layout and perhaps remove some hard corners. Given how responsive devs at Riot are, they probably will do something along these lines. Until then, we can all have a healthy debate on Icebox.

What do you think of the Icebox map?