Sentinels progress to finals with upper bracket win over FaZe | VALORANT NEWS

In North America’s very hyped upper-bracket final, Sentinels took on FaZe Clan. Though some areas were close, it was ultimately a very comfortable win for Sentinels, and they’ll head straight to the grand finals as the first team to make it there. FaZe fall to the lower bracket final against the winner of Gen.G EsportsEnvy.

The first half of Icebox began very one-sided. While the attackers FaZe tried to go for their balls-to-the-wall style, Sentinels routinely shut it down, and hardly broke a sweat doing it. They were dominating the game, and took 8 straight rounds before FaZe called a timeout to try to adapt. And to their credit, they did. Playing slower and more controlled, they took 3 of the last four rounds, but this still only got the score up to 9-3.

The second half went marginally better for FaZe, as they grabbed a few rounds to stall out the inevitable, but after Sentinels reached 12-3 early, it was never really going to happen. Sentinels took the map 13-5.

Haven was a much tighter map. FaZe began much better, even securing themselves an early flawless. Perhaps it was the shift to the defense that they needed, but they were able to play their aggressive style and find much better results.

This was still Sentinels, though, and the first half ended 7-5 in their favour. They’d continue the performance into the second half, only allowing FaZe to sneak a few rounds. Sentinels played controlled all day, perfectly shutting down what FaZe wanted to do, and took the series 2-0 to send themselves to the finals.



Best of 3

March 20, 2021