Sentinels, Immortals set for grand finals match in VCT Closed Qualifier

Sentinels have fought their way through the lower bracket of the VALORANT VCT NA Challengers 1: Closed Qualifier to make the grand finals.

There they’ll meet Immortals, who made the grand final earlier today by defeating Luminosity in the upper-bracket finals.

Sentinels were knocked to the lower bracket by Luminosity in the quarterfinals with a 2-0 scoreline. They regrouped, defeating Andbox 2-0 and Gen.G 2-1. Sentinels then defeated XSET 2-0 to score a rematch with Luminosity, who they defeated 2-1 in a back-and-forth rematch series.

Immortals’ path to the grand finals was simpler. They sent XSET to the lower bracket in the quarterfinals, and then Gen.G in the semifinals. They defeated Luminosity 2-1 to knock them into the lower-bracket finals, where they played Sentinels.

Regardless of the outcome, Sentinels, Immortals, XSET, and Luminosity have qualified for VCT Challengers 2: Closed Qualifier. Should the teams place in the top four again at Challengers 2, they’ll qualify for the region-locked VALORANT Masters tournament, meant to determine the best from the major regions. Performance at Masters will lead into the Champions event, which is meant to mirror Riot Games’ World Championship event in League of Legends.

Sentinels are considered by most to be in the upper tier of NA VALORANT. They were knocked out in the semifinals of First Strike NA, and won the Pop Flash and JBL Quantum Cup events.

Immortals are on a lesser tier than their opponents in the eyes of fans, but they might not be for long. Their fresh lineup, with new additions Rhett “Kehmicals” Lynch and Nicholas “NaturE” Garrison, still haven’t lost a tournament. Immortals defeated Envy 3-1 in the grand finals of the Open Qualifier portion of Challengers 1 and haven’t lost a match in the Closed Qualifier.