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The North American Masters 1 finals promised to be exciting. The stage was set for a rematch of what had been an ultimately comfortable win for Sentinels in the upper bracket. FaZe Clan were back and ready to fight. But would things go any better than they had last time?

At first, it seemed like it. FaZe started out very well on Ascent, overrunning Sentinels while Tyson “TenZ” Ngo started out slow. With the first half over at 8-4 FaZe, it looked like we were going to have a series on our hands.

And to be fair, we had a map. Sentinels managed to pull things back, slowly but surely picking away at FaZe’s lead.

It would come down to the wire, but Sentinels would manage to get 9 rounds on their attack to make the comeback happen at the last round. Ascent went 13-11 Sentinels, and it wouldn’t be that close again.

Bind went in Sentinels’ favour early and they wouldn’t look back. Michael “dapr” Gulino in particular had a fantastic map, top fragging for his team with 340 ACS.

Bind overall was not an awful map from FaZe, but the 13-7 scoreline was much less than they would have wanted. This put us on Sentinels’ pick of Haven for map 3, where they dominated. SEN took 9 rounds straight before FaZe managed to put one on the board, and with the first half over at 10-2, the outcome was never really in doubt. While not a bad showing from FaZe considering the steps they’ve taken in the last few weeks, it was dominant from Sentinels. They’re your NA Masters champions.



Best of 5

March 21, 2021


Final Standings for Masters Stage 1 North America:

1. Sentinels – $60,000 + 100 VCT Points
2. FaZe Clan – $30,000 + 70 VCT Points
3. Gen.G – $15,000 + 45 VCT Points
4. Envy – $15,000 + 45 VCT Points
5-6. 100 Thieves – $7,500 + 20 VCT Points
5-6. Luminosity – $7,500 + 20 VCT Points
7-8. XSET – $7,500 + 10 VCT Points
7-8. Immortals – $7,500 + 10 VCT Points