Secret Valorant trick on Bind

Valorant is a game where the main factor is positioning, and it is all about the accuracy and gunplay, and there is one place on Bind particularly that should give the players edge over defenders usually.

Bind is a map from the beta period of Valorant, but it was not until the players found that the OP trick on B Lobby/B Long that keep enemies guessing the next round recently.

Image Courtesy – GameRiv

In a clip captured by a Reddit user named RA3MON, the game starts from B Lobby, where you have to jump over a cactus then touch up to stand on the wall at the edge of the map.

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From there you will reach a very high position where no enemy crosshairs will be there and cannot even their line of sight, depending on how sentient they are. After pulling this off, the mind game will start in the same spot. If the enemies start aiming at high positions expecting to see the tier play, you can do that normally and can take them out.

OP angle in B long Bind from r/VALORANT

Besides quick reflexes, players also want a weapon that can push the agent instantly for defense, for which Operator is a must-watch for the players. If you have a shortage of creds and want to play, Marshal is also a good choice, but you have sure about your aiming skill to make the enemies down in a single shot.

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If you vanished in the time of defending B long, the wisest decision will be to wait inside of Garden or somewhere near that place despite pushing up and getting greedy. This a good strategy.

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