Sage is too OP, Riot planning to nerf Sage in Valorant

Since the release of Valorant Sage is one of the most powerful Agents. Riot tried before to nerf her, but now the developer team of Valorant said that she is become ‘out of control’, and more changes will be needed to make the normal in the game with the next coming Patch 1.04.

If you are playing Valorant and didn’t pick her up, you are doing something wrong in-game, this is the community unanimousness since the release of Valorant.

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Sage is too OP

Sentinel Healer provides a massive amount of efficiency through the heals to rest of the Agents, incredible slow, walls to put down the bullets, and the great ability to refresh a friend and make a 6V5 scene.

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In all situations, these things make Sage a must pick Agent in Valorant. According to the stats of, Sage has the highest pick rate. Previous nerfs didn’t make any effect on her and now the developers admitted that she is become ‘out of control’ so Riot is planning to smash her to make her normal.

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Ryan ‘Morello’ Scoot the lead character designer of Valorant said that to make her in control it needs some big work as Sage is out of control now. He didn’t mention anything about the process, but they are worried that nerfing becomes very much problematic for Sage.

Riot stated that Sage is going to be ‘unhealthy’ for Valorant as she became very much strong. And also, is Sage is becoming over nerfed it may recoup buffs in-game. Riot Game is working on it and trying to do something with Patch 1.04 on July 21.