Running accuracy nerf is confirmed to come in patch 2.02 | VALORANT NEWS

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We have seen countless VALORANT professional players complain about the tactical shooter’s running accuracy, calling for Riot Games to address how strong it is. The development team took notice and promised to address the issue within the upcoming patches back in December 2020. All it took was a month for them to give us an exact update on when we will get it.

The latest iteration of Ask VALORANT saw the studio pinpoint patch 2.02 to deploy the planned changes for running accuracy. As usual, the community’s feedback will be taken into consideration once the players can test them out, considering the timing of the patch and the ongoing VALORANT Challengers Open Qualifiers around the world.

“We have some changes planned for Patch 2.02 that should help address sentiment on running accuracy with rifles. Keep in mind, we’re making sure not to change too many systems at once to ensure that shooting doesn’t feel so dramatically different that you’ll have to relearn habits. As always, we’ll keep an eye on the change and will continue to adjust as necessary.”

Another question addressed in the blog was regarding how people tend to feel they climb faster and higher on their alternate accounts rather than their main ones. Senior Designer Jon Walker and Senior Producer Ian Fielding explained how the system works and their planned increase in the effectiveness of convergence. The latter is planned to be included in one of the upcoming updates.


“We will also be increasing the effectiveness of convergence, expected to hit in one of the next patches. This will make it so previous season Immortal+ players, that still have a high MMR, will start to earn more Ranked Rating per win and less per loss then their lower MMR counterparts. Ultimately they will climb the leaderboard faster, and make it so that the most effective way to climb the leaderboard is to have skill and high MMR. This will affect all ranks, so if you really are hardstuck Silver—but your MMR says you should be Gold or Plat—you will get there quicker.”

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