Rix.GG release their current roster, plan to re-enter VALORANT in the future | VALORANT NEWS

After initially entering the European VALORANT scene in July, Rix.GG have released their entire roster, while keeping onboard coach Neil “Neilzinho” Finlay and manager Zack “cZer” Chandler.

Rix.GG have had mixed results throughout their journey. The roster they signed, ROYALS, had had good results in the very early days of VALORANT, the closed beta period, but had been slipping when they were signed. They did fairly well under the banner of the British organization, making the quarterfinals of the LVL VALORANT Clash 2 and qualifying for some large events, such as the GLX Elite Series Main Event. At First Strike, however, the results weren’t there for Rix.GG, as they failed to get past round one of the play-ins each week.

“We are really proud of all the hard work these guys put into the game and the Rix.GG community that has surrounded it. I wish them all the best going forward and look forward to watching their careers blossom,” said Jamie Lewis, founder of Rix.GG, in the official announcement.

In their announcement, Rix.GG stated that they “will be pursuing new opportunities to re-enter VALORANT in the future,” and, as previously noted, they are keeping on board their head coach and manager. We may not have seen the end of Rix.GG in VALORANT yet, simply with their current roster.

All the former Rix.GG players, Harry “DPS” MacGill