Riot’s response about ‘prioritized’ patch times in Valorant

If Valorant’s dodge patch times have an impact on the regional Twitch viewership, this is a big question. Some pro players have expressed their concerns and the Game Director of Riot Games has responded about this fact.

Riot strainers the way Valorant is run by regions, the expansion of Valortant updates follows suit. As part of the dodge approach of the developer, specific regions have access to the latest patch before others.

Riot’s response

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Since the launch of Valorant, America has received the patch first, then followed by Asia and Oceania, before Europe. This means that the folds that usually come with a patch are ironed out first before going live in Europe and the surrounding regions, it also gives the first access to the Americas.

And that is the problem of the issues: it’s a double-edged falchion. While this is served to America first, they also have access to all the changes in the game.

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Valorant players frustrated with patch times

Lucas Rojo, Wygers Team Coach questioned Joe Ziegler, Valorant Game director, on exactly why the Americas always receive the latest patch, claiming that they are giving more priority towards North America.

Ziegler responded that there is not any priority but just one region is preferred more than another one, then also it’s easier to fix an error if it’s coming from developer’s ‘own backyard’.

G2 Esports’ Oscar ‘Mixwell’ Canellas coincided with similar concerns to Rojo, saying that it always has a negative impact on the viewership in the regions where the latest patch received later.

As of now, though it comes that the dodged approach to patch deployment is here to stay. So unless Riot is willing to rotate the region which can receive the patch first, the player base just has to accommodate.