Riot explain why Valorant players are facing hit registration issues

Finally, Riot Games traced the seemingly incurable Hit Registration issues that the player is facing in Valorant. According to him, this issue is caused by the in-game display of the info about each shot.

From the time of closed beta, the period players have complained about the Hit Registration system, which seems to be hit or miss at times, and creating many problems, and with the shots the enemies are not affected or damaged but apparently, they should.

Hit registration problem in Valorant

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Think about the situation if you are playing the game fairly every day you have probably had one of those time where you should kill your opponent with the headshot by all accounts but they escape unharmed.

This happens where screenshots and clips of hit registration issues can be found at the top of the Reddit page of Valorant ai every couple of weeks, so to address the concern of everyone Kevin Lee software engineer explained why the shots can feel off, and the developers are considering the possible fix.

valorant hit registration

He also explained that the Valorant team first introduced noticing players’ issues with Hit Registration in beta 0.50 patch and began going through the video clips that were posted on social media and also sent to them.

Lee wrote that after closer review it’s found that most of the clips had problems with a clarity not with correctness. The shots were being perfectly launched but the visual presentation has major issues and presenting a puzzling output to the players.

In a short note, the problem is the shots are registered and appear on the screen at different times on the screen of the players.

In the end, the server has the final say on where a shot will hit or will not hit. So, it is like the bullets are not going to the right place.

hit registration flow valorant

The developer team have given many more example by going through the issue.