Riot tracking bug that freezes Astra when exiting Astral Form in VALORANT

A game-breaking bug impacting Cypher and Sova appears to have rubbed off on VALORANT‘s newest agent, Astra.

One player posted a video last night showcasing the Astra bug, which “locked” them out of controlling the agent after exiting Astral Form. Principal software engineer Riot Nu commented on the Twitter thread, claiming that the devs are “tracking the issue.”

When in Astral Form, Astra can place stars that she can transform into smokes, concusses, or Gravity Wells. But an unknown interaction appears to affect the agent’s movement after returning to normal first-person mode, taking away mouse and keyboard functions.

While this may be a new bug to Astra, it’s been plaguing VALORANT for some time. Other agents that briefly relinquish control of their bodies to use abilities, Cypher with his Spycam or Sova with his Owl Drone, can reproduce the bug.

A fix for this bug was initially listed in VALORANT Patch 2.02, but it appears to have not worked. Riot devs are likely continuing their efforts to solve the glitch.