Riot Said Valorant has LESS CHEATING than you think

Valorant has a safeguarding anti-cheat system which is Vanguard and it is very controversial, though Valorant have this then also cheaters are finding their way through the cracks and managed to cheat in Valorant. According to Riot’s anti-cheat head, the issue is not as compulsive as you first thought.

Vanguard Anticheat Valorant
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Valorant Vanguard Anticheat is Very Dominant

Valorant is an FPS game that is highly competitive and there is a significance of every millisecond in-game. Regardless of skill level, in such an intense game encountering cheater is absolutely crushing. From the day one of the Closed Beta Vanguard system blocked out pesky cheats, though players can still find ways in this invasive system.

Since the full release of Valorant on June 2 cheating has been dominant, and the issue has since been evolved from three weeks later with the launch of competitive mode. Anti-cheat lead of Valorant Paul arkem Chamberlain explained the reason why this problem is smaller than the players may think, despite recent backslash.

The aim of the developers is to prevent cheating directly across the board of Valorant. They can achieve a “0.01%” cheater rate, it feels like the game is still full of cheating according to Chamberlain. He also said that the cheaters are visible. They arrive on streams or Reddit. They will stick with you and ruined a match terribly though it happens one time between a thousand games.

hacker detected valorant
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When cheaters are highlighted players became very vocal. This applies to all FPS games. The developer explained that the issue can come with a bigger face than it actually is. Often the team has imperfect detection so the cheating rate measurement is very difficult. Most of the time in-game players report about it, then the cheaters were caught. The more the players are reported about the suspicious behaviours of cheaters the more they can get erased. In the new competitive mode ranking system, these suspicious cheaters appear more frequently.

The first Asia-Pacific account caught out recently to reach the top ranks, Radiant for using cheats. Despite the ongoing outbreak of cheating the teams are doing good according to Chamberlain. In the end, he concluded that things are not at all perfect, but the cheating is less than he feared. Use the report function if you encountered a cheating process. Then this will go under consideration of Riot.  

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