Riot protect Raze and Killjoy abilities following Valorant backlash

Ryan ‘Morello’ Scot, character design lead of Riot Games gave an explanation about the approach of the studio towards the abilities of the Agents and how they are working to make a game balance in Valorant early backlash to Killjoy.

The German inventors are ready to launch the debut character Killjoy in Valorant in August, but the community members are already perturbed about the ability kit of Killjoy and how it fits on the FPS game of Riot.

Raze and Killjoy abilities

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Similar sentiments are resounded with Raze in the time of closed beta period and after the official release, her ruining abilities pretend too much of an imbalance in the game that give the priority to skill and aim.

Morello clearly explained the intentions behind making every character.


He also explained that Raze Grenade and Boom Bot create a major threat, but these are there to support the gunplay. When they create a damage ability that is the only goal.

In the game according to the developers 90% kills are causes from gunplay. While this is something that will actively tolerable. Morello is not expecting that killjoy will harm this as she’s been there for four+ years.

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For the damage-dealing abilities, Riot advised to disrupt or displace an enemy’s approach to a round rather than directly landing the killing blow.

Morello also explained that abilities making damage are all about producing pressure or threat – killing happens when you won’t (can’t make the right decision) or can’t (getting maddened by overwhelming odds) deal with the ability.

This will be still difficult for the players to accept the thing that a good Raze player in lower Elos can easily kill the whole team with the abilities.