Riot profiles top VALORANT ladder player, DOINKMACHINE97

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VALORANT fans had lots of questions about the mysterious “DOINKMACHINE97” when he placed second on the NA leaderboards last year. And now, Riot Games has provided some answers about the player.

Riot released a profile today for Michael “Poiz” Possis. DOINKMACHINE97 is an alternate account for the former Overwatch hitscan player who says he hopes to make it onto a tier-one VALORANT roster soon.

“I go in first. Entry fragger I’d say,” Poiz told Riot. “Sometimes I also OP, because I’m a Jett player. It depends. If you’re playing Jett you kind of have to do that.”

Poiz was a closed beta player who climbed the ranked ladder primarily using Jett. He says he’s gained inspiration from watching former Cloud9 star Tyson “TenZ” Ngo. Poiz doesn’t have a team right now and has only played in one competitive tournament. He said he’s taking a semester off college to pursue his VALORANT dreams. “Hopefully I’ll be a pro playing in tournaments, proving my worth,” Poiz said.

If Poiz wants to snag a spot on a team, there’s no better time than now. With the VALORANT Challengers event fast approaching, there’s no doubt that struggling teams will be looking for replacements soon. The dominant teams will be more or less set, but the scene still has room for people to break through with one or two excellent performances.

In North America, the first Challengers event will begin on Feb. 3 and run until Feb. 7.