Riot Plans Rewards For VALORANT Players

There are lots of cosmetics available in Valorant for players to purchase. Currently, there is nothing to mark ‘the grind’ for Future earth but according to a Riot developer, this will change in the future.

Valorant’s unique system for Battle Pass reward system is after grinding through each Chapter until the final 50 tiers. After completion players can get the rewards.

The rewards are not there unless players go for the Premium iteration. Using the prestige of grinding players can purchase everything available in-game.

Picture Courtesy – Riot Games

According to one Redditor, there is nothing for skill rewarding or time spent in Valorant. Players have no specific level badge to target for nor the weapon camos for grinding through the stages like Call of Duty. The user contended that there is a lack of content and features for the dedicated players and also these exclusive features are accessible only to the players those who are dedicated and also, they can fell remunerated for time spent, otherwise after some time the dedicated players will lose their interests.

Software Engineer, ‘tehleach’ stated that they have some different plans for a rewarding system for the dedicated players but unfortunately, they can’t make it for release, the developers are working on it now and it will be available soon.

I love Valorant and I’ve played it several hours a day since 7th April. I just wish there were distinguishing aspects of the game that you can be proud of that aren’t otherwise purchasable. from r/VALORANT

But as of now, the developers can’t say much about these rewards but Riot will introduce competition game system for motivation.

In CS:GO currently the game offers a reward ranking system through which players can get some batches for ranks and also these batches are showed in-game, it will help players to know their exact rank.

So while there is no official information about how Riot will include a specific skill level reward system for Future earth, players who are eagerly waiting to grind through the game for earning rewards they will be happy to know that it’s on the skyline.

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