Riot ‘looking into’ VALORANT glitch where abilities fall through Ascent’s floor

Ascent 2

VALORANT players will have to watch their step on Ascent.

One player highlighted an odd Ascent bug today, posting a video that showed Phoenix’s Hot Hands falling through the map. VALORANT 3D environment artist Lydia “Phrisk” Zanotti said she’s “looking into it now.”

There seems to be a specific spot on A site’s Rafters that allows the abilities to slip through. And there appear to be other projectiles that can also drop under the map, including abilities for Killjoy, Viper, Sova, Cypher, Raze, and Brimstone, according to the player.

It’s unclear if there are other spots on Ascent where abilities can slip through. But this doesn’t seem to be too game-breaking since most players won’t use their abilities on that specific section of Rafters.

With Riot already looking into the bug, it’ll likely be fixed soon.