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Riot is working on a solution to prevent playing the same map in VALORANT repeatedly

Image via Riot Games

Playing the same map repeatedly in VALORANT is a problem that a lot of players have to deal with. VALORANT matches are long and tedious and playing the same map multiple times drains some of the fun from the experience.

VALORANT game director Joe Ziegler confirmed today that Riot is aware of the issue and is working on a solution to prevent the map selector from placing players on the same map multiple times in a row.

Many VALORANT players have reported the same map being selected in multiple matches, which takes away from the overall experience. There are four maps in VALORANT right now, which does limit the number of options. But having the maps rotate keeps them relatively fresh without bombarding players with the same experience over and over again.

Many fans have called for a system similar to CS:GO where players can select what maps they’ll play before searching for a match. This likely won’t work in VALORANT right now, though, since it has a much smaller map pool than CS:GO.

Some players, including popular DJ Zedd, like that maps can’t be selected before matchmaking. It keeps queue times shorter and prevents full teams from dominating one map over and over again.

It’s unclear when the solution will be implemented in VALORANT, but players can at least take comfort in knowing a fix is on the way.

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