Riot is hiring Hackers for Valorant

Riot uses a coded message inside the anti-cheat file many times about the recruitment of hackers to maintain and to improve the Vanguard.

Even before the official release of Valorant, FPS game of Riot Games’, they said that there will be extra features in the cheating forum to make this make fair, and an anti-cheat system was added into Valorant.

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Some reports of cheaters are initially there in-game, Riot takes many ban waves as of now. Again, Riot will take strict actions as HWID bans through the ban waves.

Hiring Hackers

According to Vice’s recent report, through the anti-cheat file of game Riot is giving some secret messages to recruit the hackers to develop Vanguard, the anti-cheat system of Valorant. An ASCII art of the logo and secret message is hidden inside the anti-cheat files of Valorant.

Image courtesy: Vice

The message says that they are looking forward to hiring new talents to improve their anti-cheat system. If anyone gets the messages they are requested to go and visit their job page.

Riot also said that inside the “Stubs.dll” file there is the secret message. Many FPS games like Call of Duty, CS: GO still facing the cheating problem. Riot is not giving the efforts to develop their anti-cheat system but also wants to make the proper punishment to the cheaters to make this game successful.