Riot introduces “temporary charges” for Killjoy, Cypher, and Skye in VALORANT Patch 1.11

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Valorant News

Riot implemented “temporary charges” in last week’s VALORANT patch, according to gameplay designer rycou, shadow-nerfing Killjoy, Cypher, and Skye.

The defense-oriented agents known for scouting out opponents and securing and defending bombsites have been taken down a peg. 

Temporary charges have been applied to all abilities that are reusable within the round, whether they’re recast or repositioned. These charges won’t carry over into the next round. Killjoy’s Alarmbot, Cypher’s Trapwires, and Skye’s Heal have been affected by this change. 

Killjoy’s Turret and Cypher’s Camera, however, are still able to be repositioned and recalled as normal.

“I made a booboo and added this to the patch notes too late, missing the cut off for localization,” rycou said. “I figured I’d want to share this so that there is no confusion when the 1.11 patch drops.”

Overall, this change won’t make a huge difference to solo queue and competitive play, but it should put VALORANT’s roster of agents on an even playing field.

Killjoy, Cypher, and Skye players will now have to be more conservative with how they spend their money.