Riot going ahead with Yoru release despite minor voice line bug

final Yoru art

With a release of a new character, gamers have become accustomed to dealing with bugs, worse performance, and many other things. So it’s not too much of a surprise that VALORANT’s newest agent, Yoru, will release with a minor bug.

Riot Games tweeted today it noticed “a small number of Yoru’s VO lines only playing in English.” The developer said the bug, while “not ideal,” will not stop the Yoru’s debut because it wants players to try out the new duelist.

Like in League of Legends with new champions, new agents in VALORANT have had their fair share of bugs and overpowered abilities. Killjoy, for example, has caused a lot of unintended mayhem with her Turret. Even some of the original agents still can do things Riot did not plan on.

Riot officially revealed Yoru on Jan. 9, detailing his abilities and some details behind his creation. He will become the 15th agent in the game and the first from Japan.

Yoru is a major part of Episode Two, Act One, which includes a new battle pass as well. Players will have from Jan. 12 to March 1 to complete all of the battle pass’ tiers.