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We have seen Riot Games listening to the community on various occasions, whether it was the Operator changes with patch 1.09 or the upcoming Ranked system revamp coming with the new map. One of the topics heavily discussed amongst the VALORANT competitive community is Jett and her almost compulsory existence in every team, especially with an Operator in hand.

We have already seen her time between consecutive Burst Fire increased to 0.45 seconds, amongst other changes introduced in patch 1.09. VALORANT Game Designer Ryan “rycou” Cousart revealed the development team is “not done with Jett” yet.

“We’re waiting to see how the OP changes and other changes we have will affect Jett but have some ideas of what can come next,” continued rycou. This reflects upon the consistently high presence of Jett Operator players in ranked and professional competitive tournaments.

The development team discussed before how they balance VALORANT as a whole and the true purpose of introducing new agents to the game. Sometimes it is not as easy making every agent as playable as the others, but the developers work to bring over- and under-played agents closer to parity. We have seen this recently with Sage and Viper, showing exactly how the studio deals with the two ends of the spectrum.

What changes do you want to see come to Jett in the near future? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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