Riot Games takes notice and plans to address recent increase in VALORANT cheaters | VALORANT NEWS

Since the VALORANT community’s inception, there has been lots of debate around the tactical shooter’s Vanguard anti-cheat system. We have dived deep before into how it works and what it actually does, and over time since the game’s release, it has banned thousands upon thousands of players. However, over the recent couple of weeks, we have seen increased reports of cheaters, with even professional players mentioning the game’s current state.

The topic was opened for discussion on Reddit, with players chiming in on their recent experiences pumping into cheaters in a number of games. Eventually, this prompted a response from one of VALORANT’s development team, namely RiotRaykay. He explained this is something they are actively trying to improve the anti-cheat’s detection system, with several improvements coming throughout 2021.

“Hey, sorry about the cheating we are aware of and bans are incoming. While we can never stop all cheating we want to make sure that it does not affect your ranked progress. Our team is looking to make many improvements this year based on the feedback we received and hard lessons we learned last year. Keep those reports and feedback coming.”

Not only that, as a common follow-up question would be what happens to the gained and lost MMR due to the presence of a cheater on any side of the match. RiotRaykay continued to clarify this is something they will definitely consider, “but got some bigger priorities in front of it right now.”

There is no denying that Riot Games have been more than transparent on their anti-cheating policies and actions since VALORANT’s launch, explaining their procedures in one of the Ask VALORANT blogs before and even letting the community know how many were banned sometimes.

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