Riot Games set to address running accuracy within upcoming patches | VALORANT NEWS

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VALORANT players are often vocal on what they don’t like about the game, and luckily Riot Games’ staff are always on the lookout for constructive criticism and to make the tactical shooter’s experience better for both casual and professional players. One of the consistent issues mentioned by the community is how little running disturbs the player’s actual accuracy.

It was none other than Nicholas “nitr0” Cannella making it his Christmas wish to see running accuracy nerfed in VALORANT. He was met with a response from VALORANT’s Co-Lead Game Designer, Max Grossman, who clarified it is one of the development team’s top priorities. However, it won’t be included in the upcoming patch straight away, but he promised players will see more changes introduced come next year.

Riot Games showed they constantly listen to the community’s feedback and react upon it. Some of these examples include the Operator nerfs and changes introduced to the weapon’s overall performance, buffing certain agents based on their play and win rates, and changing the map’s release schedule to accommodate a healthier competitive environment.

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